Mt. Scopus, Temple Institute, Old City & Cardo
by Ministry of SHOFAR on October 2nd, 2013

Today we made ALIYAH!  We headed to Jerusalem!  Since it was a 2 hour drive from our previous location, we made a stop along the way and were able to meet some of Israel's brave soldiers.
Once we arrived in Jerusalem, we headed to Mt. Scopus where we could look out over the whole city.  We prayed blessing over the Jerusalem and blew our shofars with all our hearts!
We then headed to another location to look over the city where we we were joined by a camel!
We then had the awesome opportunity to visit the Temple Institute where they are making the actual instruments that will be used in the third Temple.  They did not allow pictures to be taken while in the facility, but the things we saw were incredible.  We were able to view the actual priest garments that will be worn, including the High Priest.  We saw the altar that will be used, the wash basin, and although not the actual ones, even what the curtains for the Holy of Holies look like.    The actual gold menorah that will be used by the priests was not at the institute but put out in the city for all to see until the time of the third temple.  Rabbi, Anita, Melissa and Darryl could not resist but take a picture with it.
During our travels within the Old City of Jerusalem we found the location of Aish and were also able to witness a tallit being handcrafted.
We were then able to visit the many shops within the Cardo.  Today has been truly amazing and  we all feel so full to have arrived in Jerusalem.  We very much look forward to all that lies ahead of us tomorrow as we continue our Journey of a Lifetime!

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