Gethsemane, Davidson Archeological Center, Kotel Tunnels, Western Wall and Tower of David Museum
by Ministry of SHOFAR on October 4th, 2013

We continued our Journey through Jerusalem by first visiting Gethsemane where Yeshua and His disciples went after their Seder meal.  This is where Yeshua prepared to be the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of the entire world.
While in Gethsemane, the presence of GOD was so strong and Anita felt the Lord's prompting to anoint us for the new season GOD is bringing us into.
As we walked to our next destination, we were able to get a great view of the Eastern Gate.  This is the gate that Yeshua will enter when he returns!
Next we visited the Davidson Archeological Center.  Here we were able to see various ruins of Jerusalem dating back to the 2nd Temple.  While on the grounds we saw a Jewish family preparing their sons to Pray at the Western Wall. 
As we came out from viewing the Jerusalem ruins, we were able to join in another Bar Mitzvah celebration!  What an honor!
We then went to the Temple entrance where the original steps still exist.  We were able to walk up the very same stairs that many generations past walked up to enter the Temple.... including Yeshua.
While on the top of the steps to the Temple, this is the view of the city.
While waiting for the group, Rabbi found shade by a beautiful Oasis.
We then headed to the Kotel (Western Wall) tunnels.  They are still doing much excavation here and finding more and more of history from the previous centuries.
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Because these are the ruins of the Temple, this area where these women are praying is believed to be the outside wall of where the Holy of Holies stood.
After viewing the foundations of the temple, we were able to journey to the infamous Western Wall.  There were many soldiers present.  Abie, our guide, informed us that they had come to the wall to pledge their allegiance to Israel.   We were so honored to be able to join so many at the Western wall.
We prepared to go to the Wall with a cleansing (washing our hands).
Since women and men are separated by a fence at the Western Wall,  I could only catch a glimpse of Rabbi praying at the Wall.
We concluded our day at the Garden Tomb where Yeshua was crucified, buried and resurrected!  Our tour host for the Garden, Ceasar, was a true blessing to the group.
We ended our day with a spectacular light show that depicted the history of Jerusalem at the Tower of David Museum.  It was truly phenomenal!  Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures so you will just have to journey with us next time to see this amazing sight! 

We are so full already from all that we have experienced.  But our journey is not over yet.  We remain expectant for the fullness of what GOD purposed us to come to HIS land for!

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