Qumran, Masada and the Dead Sea
by Ministry of SHOFAR on October 10th, 2013

We began our day by traveling to Qumran.  Along the way we stopped at the area that is at Sea Level... the lowest point on earth.  There we had a blast taking camel rides!
We finally arrived at Qumran.  Qumran is where the dead sea scrolls were discovered.  The finding of the scrolls was one of the greatest archeological finds of the 20th century!
Next we traveled to the infamous Masada!  Masada is where the last stand took place by the Jewish people against the Roman army following the destruction Jerusalem and the 2nd
Temple.  This massive fortress of refuge was built by Herod.  A Hollywood movie was made depicting this incredible story called by the same name.  The heroic stand exemplified at Masada is such a key symbol to the nation of Israel that still today, Israeli soldiers (IDF) journey to Masada as part of swearing their allegiance to the Nation of Israel.
Our last stop for the day was at the Dead Sea!  We were so ready to have some fun and relaxation in the healing waters!  Because of the heavy mineral concentration, it is impossible to sink so everyone was enjoying their ability to relax and float!
Having a fitness instructor traveling with the group assures that we will get our exercise in even while relaxing!  Many thanks to Linda Ross for allowing us to participate in synchronized aerobics!
We were so relaxed when we left the Dead Sea that many of us fell asleep on the bus ride back to Jerusalem.  Our skin felt so smooth and rejuvenated!  We definitely slept well that night!  We can't believe our journey is almost over and that we head back to the States tomorrow.  However, we are excited that we still have adventures to experience tomorrow before we head to the airport! Shalom and Goodnight!

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