Tower of David & Temple Excavations
by Ministry of SHOFAR on October 10th, 2013

We have mixed emotions today.  Today is our last day in Israel and we have experienced so much and GOD has truly changed us for the better in so many ways.  We also head back home to the States today and are looking forward to reuniting with our families and friends and sharing all that GOD has done in and through us during this journey.

We started our day a little later than usual which allowed us to have a leisurely breakfast and finish packing.  We then went into the center of Jerusalem headed to the Tower of David.  We enjoyed that beautiful scenery along the way.
Anita was excited to take a picture by the mezuzah at the entrance of the Jaffa Gate into the old City.
Next we arrived at the Tower of David!
We then journeyed to the site where they are excavating the debris of the 2nd Temple and were able to participate in finding remains!!!

Below you is the gentleman that explained the excavation process.
Here are some of the key finds our team identified!
Anita and Jennifer struck gold... literally!!!  They found a piece of mosaic that was infused with pure gold!  This was a very valuable find!
Each morning we would greet Abie with a HALELU-YAH and he would greet us with a "Good Morning" song.  We had to hear him sing to us one more time before we parted.
Below is Abie our invaluable guide and friend (who we think should be Israel's official historian) and our bus driver Abed who can drive a bus like no other!  We learned many a time throughout our trip that nothing,  no place or space was impossible for Abed and the bus!
The crew that rocked Israel!
We ended our day with dinner together at the hotel.  The decor of the hotel was so beautiful.  Anita couldn't resist taking a picture next to the excavated finds especially after we personally did some excavating ourselves!
This is the waiter who tended to us nearly every night and was such a help to us in so many ways.  He looks forward to our return to Israel and we look forward to seeing him again too!

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